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Welcome to Virtual Dermpath 2.0.
VDP is a virtual microscope application designed to enhance the educational experience of Dermatology residents.

Slide Library

This section of the site provides access to an extensive and growing collection of slides for common and rare dermatopathological specimens. These slides can be accessed either through their general category or diagnosis groupings on the left menu or by searching through the slides by keyword using the search tool on the top right.

Upon selecting the desired slide from the virtual slidetray the system provides a viewing interface that emulates the examination of a glass slide on a conventional light microscope. This interface allows you to easily navigate your way around any area of the slide and provides multiple magnification levels, including 20x and 40x magnification to ensure that cellular detail can be identified.

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The VDP Quiz section tests dermatopathology knowledge and is designed to help users prepare for the ABD board certification exam. Quiz questions are randomly generated and gauge how well users read histopathology slides.


The site's Discuss section enables VDP users to interact with each other regarding VDP features and dermatopathology topics. Not only does this feature give each user the opportunity to participate in the growth and improvement of Virtual Dermpath, but it also provides a key resource in the sharing of knowledge and experience within the field of dermatopathology.

Questions or doubts can be raised by members regarding the reading of specific slides or general ways to ascertain a diagnosis which can then be discussed by the community. Specific quizes or quiz-taking strategies can be discussed in preparation for the ABD exam or to evaluate one's skills in relation to the overall community.


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